Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bitter Gourd-Dryfish Stir Fry/Pavakka-Unakkameen thoran/പാവക്കാ-ഉണക്കമീന്‍ തോരന്‍

Bitter gourd, finely chopped - 1.5 cups
Dried fish, fried and crushed-3/4 cup
(preferably any dry fish without bones)
Onion-1 large, chopped
Ginger, chopped-1 tsp
Garlic, chopped, 1 tsp
Green chilly-3-5, finely chopped
Curry leaves-2 sprigs
Grated coconut-1 cup
Kudam puli-2, soak them in 1/8 cup of water
Oil-1 tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Add oil into a pan, splutter mustards and add chopped green chilly, garlic, ginger and curry leaves. Saute for two minutes. Stir in chopped bitter gourd and onion. Pour in the kudam puli along with water and cook covered until it is half done. Add crushed dried fish, grated coconut and cook until its done. Boil off any excess water and stir fry for couple of minutes. Serve with rice.
To reduce the bitterness, chop bitter gourd into salt water. Then drain the salt water by squeezing.
Soak the dry fish in water for 30-45min if they are too salty. Drain water and fry them in oil.


  1. I want to learn how to cook this stir fry dry fish since last week, but I don't have any guide on how to cook this food that's why I decided to browse on the internet. I'm sure this blog will help me to learn how to cook this easy stir fry.

  2. Thanks for visiting my page. Hope my recipe would help you to prepare the stir fry